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Keeping a clean and healthy program isn't new to us, it has always been a focus!  With the COVID pandemic we have gone above the minimum requirements to ensure we are doing everything possible to slow the spread.


  •  wear scrubs that are washed onsite to prevent the carrying of viruses between work and home
  • wear disposable masks when within 2 meters of children or each other
  • wash and sanitize their hands numerous times a day
  • have their temperature taken 3 times a day and fill out the health questionnaire before entering the building.
  • sanitize all toys, furniture and touch points multiple times a day
  • stay home when they aren't feeling well (full time educators receive paid sick days)

Children -

  • enter through specific doors for their cohort
  • arrive and leave at specific times to allow for physical distancing during busy times
  • have their temperature taken 3 times a day
  • fill out a health questionnaire before joining in
  • wash their hands frequently, staying home when they display any COVID symptoms


  • only permits essential visitors, who complete the health questionnaire with temperature check and wear a mask
  • communicates with Alberta Health Services - COVID Response Team to ensure practices are effective and meet the highest standard
  • uses visual reminders and partitions to prevent the spread of viruses
  • maintains consistent cohorts to keep the circle of exposure smaller for each person
  • Sanitizes doors and touch point between uses

School Transportation -

  • children sanitize their hands when entering and leaving the vehicle
  • seats and touch points are sanitized between uses
  • assigned seating to minimize the number of people using each seat
  • after school each child's temperature is taken and the health questionnaire is completed verbally
  • children and staff wear masks while in the van