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Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids: Proper nutrition fuels children to do what's important - play. We offer a variety of foods that are whole grain and teach our kids the importance of eating a rainbow. Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered multiple times a day in the breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks we serve. Opportunities to help prepare the food encourages children to try new things and explore the different flavours in our multicultural menu. As a healthy initiative we have incorporated one meatless day a week, instead enjoying plant based nutrition.

Caring for the Environment: Part of caring for our future means to care for the Earth. In our program we recycle, reuse, compost, utilize rain barrels, grow plants, avoid harsh chemicals, use cloths instead of paper towels, and look for items that are from sustainable resources. From painting our walls with recycled paint, to buying second hand toys reducing landfill waste - we are teaching our children what it means to be green.

Bringing Nature to the City: Our fully enclosed outdoor play space has been created carefully, emphasizing safety and imagination. Our infant yard uses wooden decking for the inevitable stumbles of learning to walk, run and climb. Shaded by trees, with toys to ride, push, pull, throw and climb, this area allows this age to challenge and expand their capabilities. Sensory tables provide opportunities to make messes and flower beds tickle their sense of smell, this area is a multisensory fun zone. Our preschool area uses natural materials to create a little piece of the mountains right at their finger tips. From the hill-slide to the sandbox to the ashalt race track, children are drawn to explore and create. Logs are provided to balance on, a playhouse to pretend in and easles to draw on, children are provided an area to expand their imaginations and develop their skills.

It takes a Community to Raise a Child: We love living in Calgary and supporting local businesses. We buy locally whenever possible and take the older children to learn about the businesses their fellow Calgarians are engaged in. A mosaic of culture, children experience the wonders Calgary offers through visits to the Zoo, Heritage Park, Science Center, etc. Following Mayor Nenshi`s Three Things For Calgary initiative, opportunities are provided for children to make a ripple in community through volunteering, donating, and helping others.

Secure Attachment Fosters Healthy Emotional Development: Most children spend forty plus hours a week in their childcare program. We believe valuing the attachments that form between the children, their families and the care providers creates trust and emotional security. Moving up to the next age group with a primary care provider and their friends maintains the relationships formed, avoiding the stress of creating new emotional ties within their new group. It also maintains the partnership formed between the families and the care provider throughout the child`s enrollment in the program.


"Putting Our Passion Into Action"