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Family is on the front-lines of raising a child, they are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nothing is more important. Our doors are always open, families are encouraged to participate in the program in whatever capacity they want and are able to. We stay in constant communication, and do not believe that family and child care should be separate but blended together. Respect for every child and his or her family is pertinent, regardless of make-up, race, religion, ability and culture.


"Our Beliefs About Children"


A child care centre is a “home away from home”; a place that is safe and loving where parents and caregivers join together to support the growth of each child. We believe attachment-based care where a child care provider is linked to a child and his or her family for as long as possible promotes emotional development; where trust is learned and love is felt.


Children may be a little “drop” in the world but they can make a big ripple that reaches many. Empowerment, empathy and respect are learned by interacting and helping others in our world, whether in Deer Ridge, Calgary, Canada or around the world.


Spontaneous play where children get to choose their activities and how they engage in them provides the freedom to develop in areas they are interested in. Children’s minds are constantly seeking input and they naturally choose activities that challenge themselves; they are learning and having fun simultaneously!