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K to 6th Grade (15 Children - 1 Classroom)

As children develop through the elementary grades their physical and mental abilities, plus their social skills are carried on from the foundation surrounding them in their early years.  We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the children within our program.  We believe that the structure, learning processes, and love we offer the children strengthens them.  We strive to make a difference as we know we are "Caring For Our Future" 

4 to 5 Years (36 Children - 2 Classrooms)

 As children's skills develop they get to put them to work as part of the daycare team. Taking turns to set the lunch table, plan their curriculum, help with baking, they learn how to be part of a team. This age group also gets out in the community to volunteer, and learn with a grandparent program with a nearby retirement home and provided opportunities to make a plan, carry it through and see how important they are to Calgary. Our care providers follow the children's interests, offering suggestions and enabling them to do great things.

2 to 3 Years (12 Children - 1 Classroom)

Feeding, potty training, forming friendships, being "the boss" - this group is all about doing it themselves. Our facility has larger than normal classrooms giving us the ability to support a child's independence, allowing for a safer environment, more individualized care, and less stress for both the child and the care providers.

1 to 2 Years (16 Children - 2 Classrooms)

Predictability is key to this age group, having the confidence to test their bodies and environment. Developing quickly, they climb to challenge their coordination and strength. They learn that pushing and biting gets them the toy they want. Emotionally they are learning how to trust that their parents will return, as well as learn how to feel attachment to those outside the family. Early math skills start with sorting, matching, and problem solving. Their language is developing rapidly. Open ended art activities trigger creativity. The small group sizes as well as length spent with their core groups ensures a safe environment, supporting their freedom to develop.


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